Uganda is a nation filled with beauty beyond anyone’s Imagination. This is a country blessed beyond primates and the big five animals that most of us know it for. Do not associate Uganda with only the wildlife species but look far beyond. This country is blessed with several cultural, geological and water resources. One of such vital attractions is the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru Caves-also referred as the “Nyakasura Caves” situated about 10 kilometers from Fortportal Town. When you visit this site, you will explore the Caves, waterfalls inside the caves and three Explosion Crater Lakes (namely Lake Kigere-because its shape looks like a foot, Saka and Lake Nyabikere-place full of frogs) that surround these Caves. Every attraction you come across within this site has a significant meaning. Is it the dripping milk-like substances from the large overhanging Caves, the steaming sounds of the waterfalls or the appearance of the 3 explosion craters? Everything here is magical and interesting. Nyinamwiru is literally translated as “the breasts of Nyinamwiru”

These Caves are not just ordinary caves but actually attractions surrounded by myths, one of which being that the Caves were named after Nyinamwiru-the beautiful daughter of Bukuku believed to be one of the Ancient leaders of the Batembuzi Dynasty, which is also the current Toro and Bunyoro Kingdom. Nyinamwiru was a pretty but proud girl that rejected any marriage proposal from suitors brought by her father. This infuriated her father who decided to chop off her breasts, in order to make her less attractive to men.  But as someone’s luck can’t be denied, she became pregnant to King Isaza and eventually gave birth to their son Ndahura. Because she was unable to breastfeed her baby, she opted to feeding baby Ndahura on the Milk-like substances that drip from the rocks inside then Caves. When you see these caves, you will be compelled to believe the myth because the rocks are a real reminiscent of a woman’s breasts, but these rocks were actually formed by chemical weathering leading to the formation of stalactites and stagmites (which are the breast-like structures) and the milk-like substances you will see are actually calcium carbonate content.

Another myth is that a prophesy was told, that Bukuku’s daughter-Nyinamwiru would get married, become pregnant then give birth to a son named Ndahura, who would eventually grow up, kill the king and take over his thrown. It is not clear whether the entire prophesy was fulfilled but it is said that part of it was fulfilled in that indeed Nyinamwiru got pregnant and gave birth to a son who was later named Ndahura, but the other part of  Killing the King is not clear whether it was fulfilled. Because King Bukuku was scared form his life, he chopped Nyinamwiru’s breasts and threw them in the spot where these features are found. The moment you set foot in these caves through the slippery path, you will be welcomed by the sounds of the waterfalls and the melodies of the singing birds found inside the caves.

For you to have a memorable experience, It is advisable to wear strong hiking boots that will support you as you hiking though the slippery paths to the caves and waterfalls, long trousers are also ideal, long sleeved shirts ate also important, light poncho, sweater, back pack to carry your cameras and binoculars, drinking water and snacks and a hat.

Best time to visit the Amabere ga Nyinamwiru Caves

These spectacular attractions can be visited at anytime of the year and day, because whether is dry or rainy season, then trails are always slippery.

How to reach the Amabere ga Nyinamwiru caves

As earlier mentioned, these stunning saves are situated at about 10 kilometers from Fortportal town (in Western Uganda). This site is prefect to be added on the bucket list by tourists visiting Kibale National Park for the Chimpanzee tracking adventure.

In conclusion, Uganda is blessed beyond wildlife and bird species because of the existence of cultural attractions like the Amabere ga Nyinamwiru that draw hundreds of tourits to Fortportal town. While on a Uganda Safari through Kibale Forest National Park, don’t miss taking an excursion to this great cultural site.