Getting to Uganda’s game parks from Entebbe or Kampala can sometimes be a long and arduous road journey. On the plus side, it is a great way to view the always-green countryside and to see something of everyday local life.
Most tour operators will prearrange overland transport and, for guests intending to visit more than one park, this option makes a lot of sense. Tourists can stick with one vehicle and one driver for the duration of their visit. Some hotels in places such as Mbarara even specialize in providing stopover accommodation for visitors on their way to the national parks.

Getting around Uganda has never been difficult – There is flexibility in use of private or public transport network. Extended communication facilities have also helped a lot to necessitate easy travel even to the remotest areas.

Traveling around Uganda can be a real adventure for a tourist and there are several ways to get around. The option you choose always depends on your budget, time and constraints.

By Road
Travelling by road is the most common, cheapest and accessible means to travel through Uganda. There is a good reliable road network that connects major locations in Uganda. You can venture far off the beaten track using organised safaris from a tour operator or on a self guided safari that can be conducted with a hired car from one of the car hire companies.

Tours & Travel Operators
Buses, taxis, VIP vans and several custom touring cars or trucjs are operated by private companies or individuals. Tour Operators and car hire agencies are available to help travelers reach their destinations.
Motorcycle taxis, known as boda bodas can always be used for short distances. Safety can be a concern so its not recommended to travel without a helmet.

Self Drive
Self Drive options are best left for return visitors to the country and more seasoned travelers who are accustomed to driving in a variety of road conditions. You may find that you are more comfortable to leave the driving up to the local driver who knows more the roads, the current conditions, shortcuts and alternative routes. If you hire a car from a recommended car hire agency, you can good a good drive who can give you an interpretative commentary while you enjoy scenic viewing and scenic viewing.