Looking to adventuring through Uganda on your own? A self drive safari in Uganda is a great way to experience a destinations on your own, to visit the places you want to see, at your own pace. Self drive safaris and car hire is easy and hassle free.The self-drive or Flexible Individual Travel[FIT] touring option is one of the most cost-effective ways to tour this fascinating country Uganda.Safely tour Uganda and the neighbouring countries like Rwanda,Kenya and Tanzania at your own pace with a large degree of flexibility.

You can choose the type of vehicle for hire (cars,Rav4, 4×4 Land cruiser), the standard of the accommodation ranging from luxury,through mid range to budget, the time of the year you wish to visit, the duration of your self-drive tour / safari, which country you want to visit and most importantly, you can select a tour itinerary that fulfills your personal interests. From a tour / safari that includes – wildlife & bird watching, stunning scenery, various cultures, interesting history, sightseeing,bathing, sport, adventure or just a little bit of everything.Uganda is diverse and very different as it offers the self-drive traveler the opportunity to experience it up close and personal.

If you are planning a safari in Uganda, we’ll suggest you prebook all arrangements as there are not always last minute space available. The best will be to make use of Ugandan travel expert and let them organise your safari vacation of a lifetime. Find the Ugandan safari of your choice, be it for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, an adventure camping safari or a road trip in Uganda.

There are several Safari Companies that will help you prepare for your self drive holiday in Uganda. Our self drive safari trip planner will be of assistance for both those who are planning an adventurous 4×4 safari into Uganda as well as the easier routes around Uganda and Rwanda.The most important aspect of a tour to Uganda and Rwanda is the planning and it is therefore pretty handy to have someone like us on your team, that has the experience, expertise and knowledge of the East African region.

If you enjoy both comfortable accommodation and a bit of camping in those absolutely ‘must see’ locations along the way, then this one is for you. Choose accommodation in those places where you are not sure about, or rent either a Rav4 or 4×4 Land cruiser for convenient overnight stops in the many campsites available across the East African region.As we have years of experience in conducting and planning of tours to Uganda and surrounding countries, we can offer you a safe, interesting, enjoyable and well planned tour.Explore Uganda with your own Rav4 or 4×4 Land cruiser particularly from self drive Uganda.We have an assorted fleet of vehicles that are well maintained,have the state-of-art Air Conditioners,pop up doors for ideal game viewing in national parks as well as un limited mileage.We have three types of self drive safaris in Uganda;

Guided self drive safari where you travel in any rented vehicle of your choice with a group of like-minded travelers, led by a knowledgeable and experienced guide traveling in his own vehicle. An independent self drive traveler is someone who goes for car rental, van hire or 4×4 rental to travel to pre-planned destinations.

Motor Cycle Rentals

Motorcycle rental is also an option as adventure rides are very popular in East Africa and Uganda in particular.This is the ideal way to see East Africa from the comfort of your own vehicle, specifically Uganda and Rwanda as these two countries boast a comprehensive and well maintained road network.