Staying in touch

It’s a good idea if you contact at least one person from home to let them know that you have arrived safely in country. Make sure you do this within the first day of your arrival.

How to stay in contact

You can use your mobile phone but these costs can be very expensive. Please check before you leave what the costs are with your provider. Be aware that most providers will also charge if someone calls you!

You can buy phone cards that offer cheap rates to call home. You can buy phone cards at several supermarkets, customer care shops for several networks as well as phone booths.

If you are planning to stay in Uganda for a long time you might want to check out buying a local SIM card. Your phone will need to be unlocked for other networks but this could be a good way for your family to call you. For advice on where to get these please ask the in country team at orientation.


Internet is the easiest way of staying in touch. You will find that the connection is slower then at home but you can find internet cafes almost everywhere! Mobile broadband is becoming more popular and you can buy Ugandan usb internet devices in most cities.